Dezzi Venues App

DEZZI Venues is a marketing app that gives your business more real-time advertising options than you ever thought possible. With DEZZI Venues, you have 24-hour access to patrons, which allows you to make in-the-moment promotional announcements to drive customers – and revenue – your way.

Imagine being able to communicate instantaneously to customers without the long process of updating your website, changing your menus, or printing new promotional materials.

  • The Dezzi Venues app allows you to manage your profile within the Dezzi app, as well as on our online directory. You control what promotions you want to offer your patrons, and you can change them at any time.
  • Slow night? Offer a special right now to entice customers to stop in.
  • Getting too busy? You can easily hide your promotions with the tap of a button.
  • The band is killing it and your bar is the place to be? Let prospective customers know that they’re missing out and that they need to get here right now
  • Your competition is squeezing you out? Run a real-time promotion to steal their customers … and their mojo.
  • The offers you make through DEZZI will be exclusive – only those with the DEZZI app will be able to take advantage of your promotions, which ensures that DEZZI remains the go-to source for the best and latest specials and announcements.

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